Sai More Like HS 250h Than Prius

toyota-sai-photo-afp-getty-images.jpgJapan Gets Toyota’s Second Hybrid-Only Sedan

Following the unveiling of the vastly popular third-generation Prius, Toyota is releasing a second hybrid-only sedan, the Toyota “Sai”. By most accounts, the Sai is being viewed as a slightly smaller, less expensive version of the Lexus HS 250h. You be the judge. The Sai is pictured to the right and the HS 250h is below.

2010-lexus-hs250h-source-jalopnik.jpgPronounced “sigh” or “cy”, this hybrid debuted at the 2009 Tokyo Auto Show and could be available for purchase in Japan as early as December (2009). It has the same green drivetrain as its more luxurious Lexus lookalike, a 2.4 liter Atkinson engine, an electric motor and a nickle hydride battery - rated at 187 horsepower. Although rumored to get 54 miles per gallon, expect the Sai to get only slightly better gas mileage than the 250h; around 35-40 mpg. The lighter 2010 Prius with a smaller 1.8 liter engine averages about 50 m.p.g. as a comparison.

According to Automotive News (subs req) Toyota has set an initial goal of selling 36,000 Sai per year and the price is expected to begin at about $37,000 U.S. dollars. That may seem aggressive when you consider that the Sai isn’t expected to be coming to the United States anytime soon, but Japan is a huge market for hybrids so we will know more after the rollout. Keep in mind, the Camry hybrid isn’t sold in Japan so if buyers there want a larger hybrid sedan this may fill a niche between affordability and size.

You can get a glimpse of the Toyota Sai along with several other cars on display at the Tokyo Motor Show by watching the short Edmunds video below.

Official Sai data from Toyota here

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