Introducing the 2009 Hybrid Honda Green?

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Watch out Toyota.

Honda may have discovered the secret sauce behind your hybrid success.  First, you whip up a 5-door, five passenger hybrid sedan that is not available in a gas-only model.  Then you mix it with a price that most people can actually afford.  Last, you top it off with a name that is synonymous with the word hybrid.

Based on yesterday’s 2008 ”mid-year address” from CEO Takeo Fukui, it appears Honda has 2 of the 3 ingredients in their mixing bowl.  Unfortunately, they left us hanging with no name, no price, and no spy photos.  Therefore, since it would be very difficult to write about this future hybrid from Honda for the next 6 months without giving it a name, we’re calling it the Honda Green.  In the spirit of the Accord, Civic, Pilot, Element, Fit, and Insight - the name ”Green” is short and sweet.  As an added bonus it actually sounds like a hybrid vehicle.  So until we learn the real name, it’s the 2009 - or more likely the 2010 Honda Green.

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Seriously though, Honda did provide us with a few tidbits to chew on.

  • Honda plans to sell 100,000 (Greens) in North America annually (200,000 globally)
  • the Green will look something like the concept FCX Clarity fuel cell
  • hybrid components will be tucked under the rear hatchback area, to offer more interior cargo room
  • the new hybrid will be the most affordable yet, priced within $1900 of similar conventional models

In related hybrid news, Mr. Fukui announced that Honda plans to sell 500,000 hybrids per year in 2010 or shortly thereafter.  Some of those half a million cars will be redesigned Civics.  Others will be future “hybrid” versions of the current Honda Fit.  Still another upcoming hybrid vehicle from Honda will be modeled after their sporty concept vehicle, the CR-Z.

Don’t wait around for a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle from this Japanese manufacturer though.  Fukui stated that until batteries go through a major advancement, the limited range of plug-ins makes them inviable.  Well, at least we can be excited about the the Honda Green, Whatchamacallit.  Now, how about a hybrid minivan? (Maybe the Honda Freed?)

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  1. 2009 will be a very exciting year for hybrid buyers. Unfortunately we need to shop now, so I suppose it will be a 2008 Prius. I hate missing the new models by a year!

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